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Stephanie Relfe was born in Sydney, Australia in 1960. She has a Bachelor of Science degree from Sydney University where she majored in Histology (the study of cells) and Zoology. Stephanie has had over 200 hours in training in Specialized Kinesiology and over 100 hours training in Clearing, a technology which helps a person to improve their thoughts and actions using a biofeedback meter. She has worked as a professional Specialized Kinesiologist since 1993, both in Australia and the USA. Stephanie has developed her own method of Specialized Kinesiology called Synergistic Kinesiology. She is married to Michael Relfe from the USA and has a son. Her websites include and

After just two or three one hour sessions of kinesiology, Stephanie helped numerous people to heal health and emotional problems that would not heal by any other means.

However, life tends to take its toll on us and over the years she found that both she and many of her clients would eventually develop other negative symptoms at a later date. This was due to the negative effect of emotional, nutritional, chemical, physical and electromagnetic causes. Most of these people did not really need to come back and have another kinesiology session. Stephanie realised that what everyone needed was:

  1. To have the knowledge to get into balance themselves and most importantly of all -
  2. To identify the cause of what caused them to go out of balance in the first place.

    For an expanded autobiography, please click here.

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