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You can be eligible to receive a beautiful, 11" x 17" certificate for ongoing professional development in Synergistic Kinesiology.

Note: Receiving a certificate is not the same as being licensed. A certificate says that you have have completed a particular course of study. It is not the same as a license. Kinesiology is not licensed, which is a good thing. Whoever controls licenses, controls that thing. The controllers can even take one's license away. This has been done many times to medical doctors who do not conform to the teaching of using only drugs and operations, and have instead changed to using natural healing methods.

I myself have always worked as an unlicensed practitioner. If you do this, I strongly recommend that you obtain a copy of "Legal Guidelines for Unlicensed Practitioners" by Dr Lawrence Wilson.

For more information on this subject, please see my article "Tips for a career or job as a kinesiologist".

To receive a certificate, you must do the following:

  1. Agree to the Synergistic Kinesiology Code of Ethics.
  2. Own the Deluxe set of Manuals plus DVDS.
  3. Have watched and practiced all of the DVDs, read the manual and learned the material. Then testify that you have done so.
  4. Have had someone do all the exercises on you. Make sure that you are in balance.
  5. Send us an email advising that you wish to apply for certification, and when you wish to take the test. Allow two hours for the test. We will email the test to you at the time we both agree on.
  6. Take the test. It is an open book exam. We will email you of your results.
  7. If you score 70% or higher, please purchase your certificate from the shopping cart.
  8. If you score less than 70%, you may take the test again at no extra charge, after a period of one week. Please re-study the material during that time.
  9. Once you have passed the test, please email us what details you would like to have entered in the database at This is free. We need your name, country, state, city, phone no., professional qualifications & trainings, and website if you have one.

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