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Kinesiologists who have successully completed the training and obtained a Certificate include, but are not limited to :

Brighton, Colorado
Debra Land
16141 Walden St, 80601
Qualifications and Training: Training certified in Ionic Cleanse Therapy, Whole Body Vibration Therapy, herbs and vitamins, alkaline food plan (juicing and blending), pain management

Chicago Illinois,
Fred Hernandez
2947 N. Kolmar Ave,60641
Qualifications and trainings : TCM Practitioner, Acupressure, Hypnosis, Chi Gung Instructor, NLP and Rei Ki Master.

Prescott Valley, Arizona,
Gary Travis
7321 E. Wren Dr, 86314

Renato Mendes Dias
Rua 1145  n.55 Setor marista ,  Goiania - Go.  Cep. 74180220, 
55 (62) 99598051
Qualifications and trainings : Physiotherapy , hydrocolontherapy , Chiropractic , osteopathy , massotherapy , orthomolecular therapy


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